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NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - Poundbury Village Garden Care has currently ceased trading due to illness.

Poundbury Village Garden Care. "Your own local Gardener"

Planting Watering - Grass Cutting - Weeding - Etc. Do you find that you just don't have the time to really care for your Garden? Do the plants that you buy always die? Well, Daniel Silk can help. PLANTING - To really make your Garden special, you need plants that are real stars! not just the normal plants you see in most peoples Gardens. Tell me how much you would like to spend on plants, and then just leave it to me. I will search out all the Specialist Nurseries, Markets & Garden Centres, and I will always get you those special plants at bargain prices. 

WATERING - Do you need your Garden watered when your away on holiday. If you have your dream Garden and you don't want it to dryout in a heatwave, Give Daniel a call. We will only water the Garden if it needs doing, so if it rains all week it will not cost you a penny. GRASS CUTTING - Also, if your away for a bit longer you may also need us to cut the grass, its no trouble!

We can find those Rare Plants to make your Garden Special. Poundbury Village Garden Care is now very busy, and are turning away work everyday, But I may still be able to Care for your Garden if your away on holiday. I will now only take on your Garden if it will be a regular job, and if it is within a short distance of poundbury. Most Gardens need between one and four hours a week just to cut the Grass and to keep the weeds away.

"Your Own Local Gardener" I can call round to your Garden once or even twice a week to cut the Grass, Weed the borders, and water the Garden if its needed. Then all you need to do is enjoy the Garden. If you find caring for your Garden hard work, then let Poundbury Village Garden Care do it for you. Is your grass full of weeds & moss? Yes! then get Poundbury Village Garden Care to transform your patch into a lush green lawn. 

Poundbury Village Garden Care Basic Charge of £10 Per Hour.

Poundbury Village Garden Care charges £10 per hour. If you would like us to plant your Garden up, just tell us how much you would like to spend on plants and we will search for those special plants. We will only charge you the price that we brought the plants for, and sometimes we can get a discount that we will also pass on to you. We will only Charge for the time it takes to plant them, and maybe a bit to cover the time and petrol costs of getting them.

Trust Daniel Silk to transform your current patch into your Dream Garden. Things do take time to grow, and instant Gardens just don't exist unless you have a few hundred thousand to spend. All Customers need to trust in Poundbury Village Garden Care. If you think you are ready to have your Dream Garden then give Daniel Silk a call on (01305) 257959 or fill out the contact form below.

PayPalWe now take payment with PayPal.

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