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Poundbury Residents AssociationREMINDER Next Residents Meeting and AGM 1st March 2005 at 7.30pm in the Brownsword Hall. Please see notice boards for agenda.                               NEW. The Duchy of Cornwall will be using the offices of Elder and Froy, just off Pummery Square for exhibitions of topics relating to Poundbury. They are starting off with one on The Parkway.
Please also note that the full planning application of The Parkway can be seen at the WDDC offices in High West St, Dorchester.

Poundbury Forum

Poundbury Chat Room

poundbury news in briefWASTE RECYCLING CENTRE.
The Residents Association shares the view of the Town Council that the proposed expanded waste recycling centre should not be in  Dorchester. Dorset County Council (DCC) are considering various sites which in our view should be outside the town easliy accessed from trunk roads.
We have made the point that this type of operation is not suitable for Poundbury due to the high density of the mixed household/business/shops concept which demands easy co-existance of all activity with low pollution of any sort. The prevailing windy hilltop location is unsuitable and it would not be feasible to meet the requirements of the area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) criteria. It will be several months before DCC conclude their studies and there will be ample opportunity for public debate once it has done so We will continue to take a very active interest in this subject to ensure that decisions taken are in the interests of the whole community.

The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, was welcomed to  Poundbury on 16 February by
HRH Prince Charles. Presentations and tours gave Mr  Brown an insight which clearly proved stimulating as his departure  overan the schedule. Poundbury is a possible model for other high density mixed development in the UK and Mr Brown will now be in a better position to share John Prescott's enthusiasm for this approach to planning as we all face up to the challenges of sustainable 
development. From all accounts it appears that the Chancellor had an enoyable 

LEISURE NEEDS UNDER REVIEW. Continuing talks between the Councils (DCC, WDDC  and Town) and the Duchy have moved the Park or Great Field, as it is becoming known, up the agenda whilst WDDC studies a number of alternaive ways of funding the Leisure Centre and it's cost. DCC and WDDC will consider these alternatives over the next few months to help decide which is the preferred way forward particularly given the problems with local authority funding from Council Tax.'

POUNDBURY FUTURE AT RISK AS COUNTY PLAN SCRAPPED. Residents may remember our report in the September Newsletter about the new county structure plan. Together with the new local plan it would have provided for Poundbury to continue growing until at least 2016. Now, apparently, the County Council have decided to abandon their plan so that staff can work on a new regional spatial strategy (see below) for the whole of the South West to 2026.

Where this leaves the new District Local Plan and Poundbury remains to be seen. We will keep residents informed. The Local Plan Inquiry Inspector's preliminary meeting at the Corn Exchange, due on 5 October, has been postponed to 8 November, when more details should be known.

NEW PLAN FOR REGION. A new Planning Act has emerged this year, after many delays, and has changed the old system of development plans from 28th September. The Act makes the South West Regional Assembly (SWRA), an unelected body of the great and the good, responsible for deciding in broad terms where new housing, roads, economic growth, and other activities, will happen between 2006 and 2026.
A new plan, the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), will set out policies and principles, including housing allocations, to which Local Plans (to become Local Development Frameworks) will have to conform. The SWRA is now inviting views on how to develop the SW Region, the largest in the country with 5 million people. In illustrative strategies it believes most development should take place in the largest towns and cities. Dorchester would be possibly, but not necessarily, designated as a smaller centre for growth. Your Committee has therefore decided it should submit comments to try and ensure that the final strategy, to be submitted to Government next year, allows Poundbury to be completed as intended in the masterplan and not just grind to a halt.

what is the residnets association?Poundbury Residents Association was formed by the people for the people, some 10 years ago and is bound by a Constitution to represent the whole community, whether owners or tenants, homes or businesses. The committee is made up of a maximum of 10 volunteers, elected at the AGM each March. With further residents co-opted to the committee, when their skills are required. Open meetings for all residents are held quarterly in the Brownsword Hall. Agendas cover a wide spectrum of topical interest, central to the development of the community. With guest speakers, debates, question and answer sessions, all bringing together the thoughts of a thriving community.

We work closely with the Duchy of Cornwall, our Councillors on West Dorset District Council and Dorchester Town Council, the developers and builders to try and piece together the best way forward for us all.

Our aim, is to keep YOU the residents informed, giving you the ability to make your own decisions. We can offer advice and or representation on any issue that is causing concern, and just as importantly bring you the good news stories.

We publish a regular Newsletter, delivered to each and every home and business, full of all the latest goings on. And when you are a community growing as quickly as Poundbury now 470 homes strong with 2 to 3 homes being occupied each week, there’s a lot happening.

the way forwardWith the fast growth in population on Poundbury, which will double over the next 3 – 5 years, beginning with a sharp increase in the number of new households this autumn, it was acknowledged at the Residents Meeting of the 15th September 2004 that not all current and future residents who wanted to attend the open meetings could be accommodated in the Brownsword Hall at one time. So, in order for the residents’ interests to be fully considered and prioritised the Committee would have to restructure.

canine capersStill under the leadership of one Chairman, the Committee will now be subdivided into two. With one side representing the issues of the 300 homes on Phase 1 and the other the growth to 800 homes on Phase 2, however the committee will still meet every six weeks jointly managing the issues that affect the whole community,                                                                                                   How does this affect you the resident?                                
                                                So, for each the two Phases we have internally elected an ISSUES/QUERIES CONTACT REP, giving you that extra point of contact, heading up each subcommittee team. The size and roles taken within each subcommittee is open to change and is basically down to who volunteers and the time they can afford the committee. In practice we work as a flexible team responding to daily needs. So, if you are interested and would like to help please contact your Phase Representative. There is always plenty to do! 

So may we present to you the members of the restructured Poundbury Residents Association Committee, showing their elected status and roles. Current Chairman, Mike west takes a pivotal position in co-ordinating the many functions now headed up by the committee members.               What we have now. So, along with an active Residents Association, Mancos are set up, as legal structures by the Duchy in order to manage the services to the common land. There is a Neighbourhood Watch for each phase and the Poundbury Village Hall Trust is managed by the Residents.             We have to ensure that Poundbury is a safe place to live and to bring up families, that there is a good local access to education and leisure facilities and that all needs are catered for, regardless of ability or income. Importantly, that a robust framework exists for lasting friendships.

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